Fibaro zwave fgr222


I have a problem with a roller blind actuator.
I use a Zwave device Fibaro FGR222

When I push on the UP or Down physical button => OK
When I push on the arrow UP and Down on the dashboard => OK

The picture on the dashboard is ok close or open is the same as the reality.

But there is two problems :
the history graph is inverted
the Up arrow is in grey color and I can’t use it evenif the roller blind is close …


Could you help ?


“If you discover that you need to invert the operation of open/close for a particular device, you may change this behavior in your Z-Wave section of your configuration.yaml”

Thank you for your answer.
Where can I find the name to remplace in “my_cover”
invert_openclose_buttons: true

You will find that in the States page under Developer Tools

Thank you, I made a screenshot.

So I will use cover.level and the code should be

invert_openclose_buttons: true

It’s right ?

Yes, although I can’t check the indentation as you haven’t used the Preformatted Text tags </>

Thank you for your help.

But the problem still there evenif I modified the code.

It’s really strange because as I mentionned in my first reply. It’s only a problem with the feedback in history graph and the Up arrow is in grey color and I can’t use it evenif the roller blind is closed …

Up and Down arrows works fine when the cover is not entierly open or close. So I think that it’s not a probleme with inverted commands.

Just out of curiosity, what happens if you set

optimistic: true ?

Like below ?

 #Protocole Zwave
      usb_path: /dev/ttyACM0
          invert_openclose_buttons: true
    	  optimistic: true

Sorry, completely forgot this was z-wave.
optimistic: true will be useless.

Does your roller blind have limit switches for top and bottom limit ?

If you wind your blind all the way down, then up greys out, it sounds as though your limit switches have been mixed up. ie: top switch wired into bottom limit etc.

No problem :slight_smile:

It’s strange because invert_openclose_buttons seems not to have any effect :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t think that the problem is the limit switches.
They are wired in the motor and the FGR 222 don’t have any connectors to connect to limit switches.

That’s strange because up and down arrows works fine with the good direction. It’s only the feedback interpretation of Hass that is wrong.

I realy don’t know how I can solve my problem … :persevere:

Did you find a solution to your problem ?
I was almost in the same situation, except that I had to use invert_openclose_buttons to have the arrows buttons work as expected.
But unfortunatly, the position seems to be reversed… thus when the cover is completely closed, the up button will be grey out (as the system thinks it’s completely open).

I got the same issue…
Still waiting for a clear answer^^

I got the same issue.
I see the blinds that have the problem the icon is diferent

On 4 blinds that have this issue:
Persiana Salón 2
Persiana Tendedero
Persiana Maria
Persiana Ordenador
Any Answer?

Same issue here with FGRM222

is there a solution to invert the FGRM222 ?

how can i change the state ?
Current position is but still the status is closed.

I have the same issue, anyone know how to invert the FGR222 with Z-Wave JS?