Fighting with cameras

Hello, new user here… i’ll try not to be killed too soon :slight_smile:
I’m trying to integrate some video cameras in HA, but i’m having some problems i can’t sort out without an help…

  • i added a Foscam R2M with the offical integration. Seems good, but i can’t find a way to manage PTZ functions. I tried both with guest access (that has no rights to use PTS) and with admin access, but in any case i can’t see a PTZ control anywhere
  • i added also a TAPO C210 camera, with an integration in HACS, and even this works. Also PTZ commands and all the rest are ok. But… how the hell can i show the video of the cameras with PTZ controls overlay? I mean, i’d like to have in the “overview” the normal camera image (speaking lovelace language, “type: picture-entity”) and, when clicking this, see the live video of the camera with the overlay controls. I can change the image in overview, but i do not want this to be live, but i haven’t found a way to to modify the modal that gets opened. Do i have any alternative to browser_mod that seems to me way too much for this?


Well, stop fighting your cameras

There are no controls, you have to build them. Building them is covered in the docs for foscam.

I don’t know why they aren’t buttons by default. They should be. Sounds like a good Feature Requests

You build a picture-elements card, and position the buttons where you want them with a live camera image background. Oddly enough, the foscam integration docs covers how to do that. You can apply the same yaml to your TAPO camera.

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Thanks, i’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

I’m not sure i’m getting this. I know how to do this, live video and overlay, but isn’t this intended to be in the overview page? i’d like to avoid having live streams in the page with all other things, so i’d like to have the image of the cam and in a popup/modal the live video with controls. Can i do this?

Thank you @petro i managed to create PTZ controls for both TAPO and foscam cameras, but to have the live stream only in a popup (not in the base GUI) i had to use broeser_mod
mission accomplished :slight_smile:

Good you got it solved!

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I am new to YAML, so please excuse my lack of understanding. I’ve read the Foscam documentation referenced in your post. I’ve pasted the code for the PTZ controls in a new card and changed the camera.bedroom entity to my Foscam camera.basement entity everywhere it occurs. I see the controls on the new card but not the camera feed. I have another card with my Foscam camera.basement camera feed working properly but can’t figure out how to combine the two. Can you show me the YAML that would work? Thanks!