File Editor not showing in browser/app

Hello there,
perhaps anyone has an idea: for some time now the file editor (or even the visual code editor add-on) doesn’t show up anymore.
What i mean by this is: in the left panel the menu entries are visible, everything is worlking as expected BUT the file editor and visual code editor don’t open anything in the main view anymore.
i can see the URL (seems ok to me) but the right hand screen is black.

This happens on all devices and on all networks (home, with or without piHole, different browsers, the app and/or mobile networks away from home).

Does anybody have an idea for this? Maybe i’m just overlooking something here.
Thanks in advance.

hi there,
i think i ran into the same issue as you today, what broswer are you using on your devices?
i found tracking protection to be the cause for addons not displaying and just showing a block box.
if you highlight the top left, does it show any text?

Oh, you’re putting me on the right track!
I installed a mint browser (edge) and voila! It works.

I’m using Firefox and haven’t any blocking add-ons installed.
So it must have to do something with some other browser addons on my main browser.
I will try to figure out which ones.

Thanks a lot!

Hello, I had the same problem, can you give a more detailed description of how to solve the problem?