File explorer or link to download

Hello, I’m new here!

I’ve a HA installed on hassbian and I want to do a thing so simple…that I’m not able to do! (i’m a noob)
I want to share via HA all the instruction manuals that I have at home: I have uploaded them in .homeassistant/manuals but now i have to link all these PDF from the main page of HA.
I googled about that, but the keywords are very dispersive.

Thank you very much!

HA is not made for file sharing service.

Why not try something like Owncloud. It is iorn source and may be installed on your personal server

That is a whole lot of overhead for a simple share over a web service.

I would suggest either running a web server, or simple python script that fires up a web server in the directory that needs to be shared out.

Either way, Home Assistant is not the right way to go about it.

What about using a python script to read the fold content

Logically i’m using HA for a lot of other functions. I’ll look for a python script, thank you very much!!

wood like to see the Python script if you get it sorted