File Sensor, change output to number instead of list

i have a txt file, reading the values with file sensor works good
unfortunately i would need the value as number instead of list for further processing:
this is the textfile format:
these are temperatures.
i read the values with a sensor like this in my configuration yaml:

  - platform: file
    name: Wswin Aussentemperatur
    file_path: /config/www/wswin/hass.txt
    value_template: >
      {{ (value.split(';')[0])}}
    unit_of_measurement: '°C'

the output of the sensor.wswin_aussentemperatur is 2,8 in this case but to use it e.g. in a canvas gauge card, the output must be 2.8 (point instead of a comma). how can i change this? It is not possible to change the the format of the inputfile “hass.txt”

thank you!
regards, Gerwin.

You can use replace

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Thank you so much, it works! Was not aware of this function…