File system full on proxmox VM with hassio

I am running a proxmox with the home assistant OS.
For some reason it consumed all space on the disk and I had a hassle to get it going again - deleted a few snapshots from CLI and it worked.
Now - how can I check the file system like df -a and such from hass OS?
I cant see that standard linux commands are working in this special distribution.
I have allocated 32Gb in proxmox but would like to see from the hass OS mow much it believes that it has to consume.
Anyone can help me?

Found that hoovering over
Supervisor --> System --> used space indicated the disc size.
It matches the sizing in proxmox lvm disk so I assume this is the easiest way…
Dont bother the question above - I settle with this but leave the post for any other stupid noob like myself for use :slight_smile: