File system gone Read Only

I just updated my configuration​.yaml file and rebooted, now the file system has gone read only.
I can’t change permissions over SSH with chmod or edit anything in Vi.

I also cannot copy or move any files off the Samba share.

Is it something to do with the Supervisor update?

Everything in my fstab is Read Only.

A read only file system usually only happens if the system detects corruption during boot. You’ll want to connect to the console (keyboard and monitor) and see what the errors are.

There is no console with via a monitor.
Quite difficult to figure out what’s happening at boot, I’m not clued up too well on Docker.

You need update your addons:

Any way I can do this from the shell?, I have an error in my configuration.yaml so can’t get to the web page…
Was this due to that update?

On device:

curl -X POST
curl -X POST
curl -X POST

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Getting a 404 Error for the first line…

404: Not Foundroot@hassio:~#

The other 2 worked. Just rebooting…

Ok It’s all working, is there anything that can be put in place so if someone reboots without updating (They might not know, or have a power cut) to stop this happening?