Release Notes

Hass.IO 0.24

  • Security API with password and TOTP support
  • Local repository build now add-on local if no image is set
  • Fix HomeAssistant watchdog

Hass.IO 0.25

  • Add build to addons api
  • Better add-on data layer handling
  • Fix wrong version in installed addons
  • Fix start not running add-on after update

Hass.IO 0.26

  • Add panel for homeassistant 0.45
  • Allow local build for all addon repository types
  • Fix output of invalid options for homeassistant 0.45

Hass.IO 0.27

  • Change docker meta data from ENV to LABEL
  • ENV VERSION is now deprecated
  • Allow to use docker cache on our build system

Hass.IO 0.28

  • Add docker device support with devices addon config option
  • Maps are now default read only. For rw access use map: ["config:rw"]


  • Please update all core add-ons to latest after update
  • If you core add-on is older than 1 version behind, please copy past options and reinstall this core add-on to avoid problem with last change on 0.26

Hass.IO 0.29

  • Allow to mount host /mnt for external device into add-ons with mnt map options
  • Add new map share for add-ons and homeassistant /share
  • Add new option environment to add-on config to manipulate env of add-on

Hass.IO 0.30

  • Remove mnt from map options. This can allow to brake our resinos systems from a add-in.

How to map external storage:

Hass.IO 0.31

  • Fix new panel for homeassistant 0.45
  • Add new startup type initialize

Hass.IO Image 0.8

  • Cleanup yocto layer
  • HostControll support change of hostname
  • ResinOS pump to 2.0.3

After you start the OTA update, don’t poweroff until system is reboot! While update ist running, alls services are down.

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HomeAssistant Docker 0.45

  • Hass.IO stream UI now direct to HomeAssistant for fast deployment
  • Add support for SQL Database connection
  • Add OpenAlpr and OpenCV support

We work an a new Cache System to fast Update HomeAssistant. At the moment it can take 5-15min for the Update. After that we shoudl be able to use the local cache for faster updates.

Hass.IO 0.32

  • Allow add-on to run on host netzwork host_network: true
  • Add API support for change hostname on UI
  • Add timezone support for homeassitant/addons with supervisor API.

The new core add-ons and homeassistant > 0.45.0 should support the new timezone API. Until UI support for timezone selection is done, you can use:
curl -d '{"timezone": "Europe/Zurich"}' http://hassio.local:8123/api/hassio/supervisor/options

After update you can run into a cache problem. Try CTR-F5 to reload the page cache and all work fine.

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HomeAssistant Docker 0.45.1

  • Fix panel load error if homeassistant http password is set
  • Add support for new timezone support with 0.32

For update:

  • Disable password and update it on UI
  • Use curl and call the API manual with: curl -H "x-ha-access: YOUR_PASSWORD" -d '{"version": "0.45.1"}' http://hassio.local:8123/api/hassio/homeassistant/update
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Hass.IO 0.33

  • Autodetect timezone if not set
  • Update add-on config on restart

Hass.IO 0.34

  • Refactory hole docker interface code
  • Add tmpfs for addons (@bestlibre)

Hass.IO 0.35

  • Add options for homeassistant to add special device

HomeAssistant 0.46

  • Add packages: certificate, bluetooth, libsodium

Look like a UI bug with long polling states. If you see a 502 error on update process, that is only on UI. Wait the update is in progress too (See the supervisor log, It is no Hass.IO error).

Try this before you start the update:

Hass.IO 0.36

  • Allow extend privilege for addons (need for bluetooth)
  • Make stronger validate of devices property

Hass.IO 0.37

  • Use new base image
  • Cleanup container before remove image on remove
  • Allow disable schema for addons

Hass.IO run now on python 3.6

HomeAssistant 0.47

  • Run with new base image on python 3.6 like the official docker image