Filter entities by integrations

Would be great to be able to customize filters on screens (devices, entities, etc) to for instance only look at entities brought in by a specific integration. Currently you can do a little with the search bar but not apply one or multiple filters. You can get there with integrations UI but it is limited in capabilities and does not allow multiple filters. Especially limited since not all integrations are available in UI.

You can do this on the Settings → Devices and Services page.

How can you filter to only show one integrations entities there?

If the integration is visible inside Integrations page, when you click on xx entities, you would only see the respective ones.

There are some integrations not listed there (such as Bluetooth tracker) but not sure if this is your interest.

Oops, yeah this is only possible for integrations set up using the UI, not integrations defined in YAML. e.g. click here:

Then click here:

Right I guess I wasn’t clear enough with the initial post. Instead of integrations I went to the tab with all entities then wanted to see devices. Not everything is available in UI. even if it was it’s faster to change filters than navigate multiple screens to select a different integration in my opinion