Filter, please

Can we please have a filter in the Developer Tools/States?

There are entirely too many “Unavailable” or “Unknown” entities. I know that “Unavailable” is a valid state, but do we have to always see it?

Since Home Assistant doesn’t make it straightforward to delete non-existent entities, I have several “_2” and “_3” entities. Why? Can’t you simply overwrite the entity? Whay do we need a “_2” which usually breaks automations and scripts?

OK, two issues here. But at least can we have a filter available to hide “Unavailable” and/or "Unknown entities from cluttering the entity states list?

Go to Settings → Devices & Services → Entities
Mark your entities and select “Hide selected”

One request per post please. Otherwise they are difficult to close when complete.

Also the title row at the top of the state column supports wildcard filtering. e.g. o* for all states beginning with “o”.

Why? My feature requests are never taken seriously. Often ridiculed or chastised for even asking. I don’t know why I bother thinking that I might have a good idea to improve Home Assistant.

But an inclusive filter is better than no filter at all.

I said why:

Nothing I said was ridiculing you. It was polite advice for posting FRs.


Don’t forget to vote for your own FR @stevemann