Filter Properties per sensor

We already have wonderful Filter available. However, it requires manually creating new sensor entities and disabling recording of original ones. It can be problematic if one has many sensors that needs filtering.

I am proposing to add sensor properties to include filtering. It could also help significantly with down sampling that is often requested. Finally, it could have easier GUI integration and make it more accessible. It could have performance penalty, however, if only enabled as needed, it may actually be better than redefining sensors.

I saw similar in ESPHome:

This would be great and has been attempted in the past. However the core team seems against the proposal. See this WTH post: Filter sensor

I didn’t search for feature in WTH post. Sorry for double post.
However, I couldn’t see a good rationale why core team decided against it.
Maybe good alternative would be a customized sequence that will automate creating duplicate sensors with filters and removing source from recorder and applying it to where it was mentioned.