Filter sensor keeps showing last value the sensor had before dropping to 0

I have created a sensor using a moving average to calculate the average power of the last 10 minutes

  - platform: filter
    name: "filtered power prism"
    entity_id: sensor.prism_potenza
      - filter: time_simple_moving_average
        window_size: "00:10"
        precision: 2   

the power sensor sends a message every ~1 s, but when power stops being drawn, it sends the last message with payload “0”, and then it stops sending any message (because the power is still 0)

but the filtered entity gets stuck on the average it has before the power went to 0


where you see a sudden drop of the filtered value, that’s when I restarted HA

I have the same problem here. This is what I have in sensors.yaml:

- platform: filter
  name: 'Enden gefilterd'
  entity_id: sensor.enden_teller
    - filter: time_simple_moving_average
      window_size: "00:00:10"
      precision: 1

We use this to measure the speed of a mill. We stopped the mill in the afternoon at 17:22h and the this happens:

Looks like it is still running

The only solution I found so far is injecting a very small value (0.1) via mqtt and then 0 immediately after; I do this every 10 seconds if the value is less then 1