Filter when adding new integrations to hide already integrated

When initially setting the software up I had great fun scrolling through all the integrations possible. However something I did a few times was click on things that I’d added prior having forgotten I’d done it, or not even realised due to it having been added automatically.

Having a checkbox in this popup screen for “Hide integrations already installed” would be really useful to shorten the list slightly and avoid that wasted time/confusion.

The problem is that some integrations can be added multiple times, like Matter, where each device requires you to add the Matter integration.

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Or esphome, same issue.

I don’t see that as being in conflict with my request. It would be optional and by default not checked. If you wanted to hide things already added then you’d check it. It wouldn’t produce confusion or conflict with anything.

You will still fall into it, because you can sometimes also get multiple forks of an integration.