Finally done with my PoE Android Tablet install

I wanted something little more purpose built for my main HA Control panel. I found a PoE Android Tablet and finally got it installed this weekend. I am happy with how it all came out.

I have customized a theme based off of Views and Cards · Madelena/hass-config-public Wiki · GitHub

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Looks nice, which tablet is it?

Poe sounds interesting, but I found it just as easy to put a recessed outlet in behind the mount and use a wifi tablet.

Looks like a fire tablet, a “Fire HD 8” to be precise. :slight_smile: Have the same one running, but would advise to get one of the older Fire 7’’ tablets, they have a better resolution. :slight_smile:

Very nice project @drock_in_nc ! :+1: How did you get the cables out of the way?