Finally going to give AppDaemon a try

I’m wanting to disable an automation when I manually enable a switch and re-enable the automation when the switch is manually turned off. I’ve tried to do this through Hass’ automation and was unsuccessful. Would this be better suited for AppDaemon? Here’s my attempt with yaml, Question about automation
Thanks in advance

appdaemon is better suited for everything if you know a little more from python then from yaml.

but i read that topic and there you wrote:

I want the cameras to actuate the lights, if motion is detected ( this has worked well for 6 months) and the wife wants the lights to stay on, when she turns the switch on manually. As it is now, they’ll go off in 8 seconds because of the automation. So I setup an input boolean, which disables the automation when we manually turn the switch on and when we turn switch off, it enables the automation. The problem is when the automation turns the lights on, it then disables the automation and the lights stay on. Sorry if I was confusing in the initial description and hopefully not now, lol/

i think you went the wrong way.

  1. you have a working automation that turns the light on and of.
  2. now you want the lights to stay on when the switch is turned on
  3. you created an input boolean to disable the automation.

but you should adapt your automation in stead of shutting it down.

it should be:

  1. add a condition to the automation that checks if the switch is on or off.

so keep the automation running, but let it only take action if the switch is of.

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Thanks for the quick reply. makes sense. I’ll give that a try.