Finally got rid of MyQ! How you can do the same

Got sick of MyQ changing something on their end and bricking the integration until devs can figure it out and send out update, among other things. So picked up a spare push button ($15 amazon) and a shelly1 ($15). Heres a rough overview of what I did. Hopefully it can help someone else get free from the Chamberlain/Liftmaster chains!! lol

Took apart new sensor to get to the PCB board.

Soldered some doorbell wire onto the 2 pins on SW2 that close when the button is pressed.

Put PCB back into case, but with front plastic removed. Connected the wires I just soldered to shelly1 I & O terminals.

Connected a new pair of doorbell wire from the back screws of the PCB board to the terminals on my opener that the current push button is connected to.

Mounted everything on top of openeer. Connected reed switch (to relay when door is closed) and DC adapter to the shelly1. Setup the shelly1 app , see this video for details as its what I followed so no point in reinventing the wheel:

Heres everything mounted up there.

This is very similar to a project I did back when I was running SmartThings and their myQ integration was having issues.
If you’re not as comfortable with soldering as nappyjim and I, I can recommend the Meross garage door opener controller which doesn’t require it.
Here’s a link to the controller I’m currently using:
(There’s a similar unit that works with HomeKit instead of Google Home if you’re in the iThing ecosystem.)

I am not sure why you have duplicated the pushbutton assembly. It would work equally well to simply run a duplicate pair of wires from the Shelly device to the original pushbutton assy. Perhaps running the wire was more of a problem than using the duplicate pushbutton assy.

Yes…would be more of a pain to run the wires to the original push button on the wall.

A 5$ ese8266 D1 mini with a relay is all you needed. A shelly is overkill and it’s just a relay. The esp would allow you to add reed switches to track the door state(open/closed) add motion sensor or any other sensors all to the single esp board. One esp board tracks my overhead door states, opens and closes it, monitors reed switch on man door, temperature/humidity plus PIR for motion. The good news is you got rid of that MyQ garbage. People still buy that thing and it blows my mind. Are they offering a free kick to nuts with it as a promotion or what?