Finally I got it. The cover of the Xbox games currently playing on the Dashboard

Well, after a lot of sweat, frustration, work and learning a lot along the way, I finally have the cover of the Xbox game I am currently playing on my Dashboard. It has been complicated for me since I have been using Home Assistant for a few months but I finally have a first working version. I still want to improve it but I feel satisfied with the work done.

All it’s done with a few sensors, some api calls, an automation and a custom button card. Maybe I will do a step by step in the future with the final version.


This is great! I’ve been struggling with getting the current game and mapping it to a cover, any chance you could share the details on what your card is doing?

Hi, is a little hard to explain mostly because are a lot of step but basically I used the current Xbox live integration sensors (one is disable by default). One of them show that if you are in a game and the other the name of the game. I take the name and search with the API of With the api I get the id of the game and them with the id and the same api I get the cover and console. All of this with a bunch of sensors and an automation. The card are two custom button cards. I’m trying to improve it every day