Finally ordered my Shelly 2.5

Today I finally ordered two Shelly 2.5 units. They finally opened up for preordering. Shipment is scheduled in approximately 4 weeks.
This device is a double relay switch and roller shutter.
If someone else is interested visit :

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Me too, can’t wait to get it!

Nice! I was planning on flashing it with Tasmota immediately. You too? Or the ewee link app ?

No, I’m not planning on flashing it as it works out of the box with HA!

Okay, I understand. But I’m kinda privacy minded. Don’t want some unknown server to know everything of me and my house.
Nevertheless I hope it’ll be here soon :slight_smile:

I’m not planning to use the Shelly cloud, you can just disable it.

OK, will try that when it has arrived. Thanks!

I know that the original Shelly had some issues with power separation and it was recommended not to use any pushbuttons. Any idea if Shelly 2.5 and Shelly 1PM have the power separation to allow buttons and sensors to be connected safely?

Dunno, I wasn’t planning on adding external stuff to the gpio ports but I could check it out for you when it has arrived.

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Awesome, thanks! I plan on replacing all Sonoffs with these devices since they just feel more reliable with native software and minimum hardware changes.

To be honest these Shelly 2.5’s will be my first Shelly’s. I usually use sonoff stuff running Tasmota. Which works flawlessly and stable.

Today I received my two Shelly 2.5’s. Installed one immediately and it works okay. Although at a certain moment the app was not able to connect to it again, so I set it back to factory and began all over. After that moment everything went just fine.
The device seems to work properly, even without the cloud connection being enabled.
Now, for your question: both switch inputs require line voltage to be activated. In my case I also have a physical shutter switch mounted for convenience/legacy. This switch already used to switch line voltage so it isn’t a problem for me.

@trusty you can use push buttons, just need to ensure you get ones rated for your line voltage. Frankly you should be doing that regardless, as i assume the device is inside the same box with line voltage, so everything inside the box should be rated for line voltage (all wires, buttons, etc). Also, make sure you properly ground the switches, again, regardless of what voltage you are passing through the switch.

Anyone tried the Shelly 2.5 already to control cover/shutter.

Yes, I have been using them since the beginning of April. They work flawlessly.

Do you flashed it with Tasmota or are you using out of the box?

I am running the standard Shelly firmware. With mqtt enabled and cloud disabled. If it works, why flash it with Tasmota. (I have several devices running Tasmota. I’m not afraid of flashing, even by soldering)
I even have the option to specify exact how much percent it should close and I programmed the standard shutter rotary switch to open all the way when I give it a short toggle on the switch when controlling it locally. And HA gets to know exactly how much I have opened the shutter. (it sends out a MQTT message with the state of the shutter). So if I were to control it manually or from HA it doesn’t matter it is all in sync :+1:

Ok, just asking because you was concerned about privacy issues before :wink:

How do you adjust the Shelly and the rotary switch? Via App or HA?

Sorry for the possibly dumb questions, but want to consider scenarios before buying. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have almost all of my IOT stuff on a dedicated vlan which has no connection to the internet.
Actual configuration of the Shelly can be done via the Shelly app or the webgui of the Shelly. But this is something you do just once while setting stuff up. When all is done HA only sends and receives MQTT messages from/to the device with commands and the device sends it telemetry messages back every interval.

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After reading this topic, I ordered a Shelly 2.5 too. You say it is working out of the box with HA. I am looking for documentation though on how to implement this. Could you share something about this?

Also I am wondering if the shelly detects when my shutter motor stops. It is able to monitor power consumption, so will it also monitor when the motor (auto) stops?

Otherwise; how is it possible to set my sunscreen to 50% for example?

Maybe this will all become clear when I receive the Shelly, but I’m so excited I can’t wait. I’d really like to know how to do this so I can install it as quickly as possible :wink: