Finally ordered my Shelly 2.5

Thank you for this information! I was struggling with why my Shelly 2.5 switches would not work with HA MQTT.

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One question about the Shelly 2.5.

Can this be also used if i have 1 way switch? I know this version is for 2 way switches. Are there any limitation for Bulbs?

I don’t understand what you’re asking. Here’s the user manual which covers the electrical wiring : Click

I mean such as this one. Should that shelly 2.5 will be work also without the double switch?


It will work,but why buy a shelly 2.5 if you only use one switch ? Then you’re better off with a shelly 1 or shelly 1PM.

Ahh oke, thanks. Shelly 1 then. Another question, can i use smart bulb also if i have the shelly 2.5 or shelly 1? I will then control the light via shelly switch but i like also colors, so i will then control the color lights when needed, because the shelly can’t do that.

Wifi smart bulbs, yes. Zigbee smart bulbs are another story. They need to be powered on all the time. You could run the shelly in detached mode, so the relay does not get toggled when you use the switch.

Ohh detached mode ok. Does it mean that i can not use anymore the switch to on or off the smart bulb?

Or does it mean it toggle the smart bulb but not exactly power off the electricity?

Detached mode -> you toggle the smart bulb without cutting the electricity.

Ohh this is so fine, i thing this solve all of my problems.

Just because detached mode not cutting the electricitiy and only toggle the smart bulb on/off state, i can easly create a scene on HASS (at night by triggering a sensor lights go to the color blue), also when the switch is on the downside (Toggled OFF) ?

Should that be also possible at this manner when you press the switch to upside that lights going slowly lighting? (Because i need to configure this on the smartbulb mqtt and not the shelly mqtt) ?

Ohh wait, you sayed here WIFI smart bulbs, but also on detached mode i can use zigbee smart bulbs right, because it is not cutting electricity?

Correct …

Closed at the OPs request. If you have Shelly related issues please open your own thread :wink:

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