Financial support for the developers

Is there a way to provide money to help support the project and full time developers. I like to give some money to the open source projects I use, but other projects I contributed to in the past had foundations you could donate to which I don’t believe home assistant has. Can I just Venmo money to Paulus or something? I suspect there is a better way.


Can you send money to Nabu Casa without getting the service?

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You can pay for a subscription and not use it.


I suppose that is true. If that is the preferred way of doing things I can do that.

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Yep but it’s not much helping to fund the project :frowning: Same here where I install HA at some high end residential customers and I feel guilty not being able to support HA in a more important way than just a nabu casa subscription :frowning:
I was also supporting ESPHome in the past as I use it quite a lot but unhappy it’s no more possible since Nabu Casa took over the project :confused:

What makes you say that?

There are now 14 paid developers on the Nabu Casa team.

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Well my wording was probably not the best, I wanted to say I’d like to support more than just less than 10 bucks a month :wink:

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One of the long time full time developers @frenck has other options for donations too, like Patreon: see Donate ❤️ Franck Nijhof's Open Source efforts » . I don’t know any options to donate to the entire project, other than a NabuCasa subscription.

Yep very similar at Patreon for ESPHome in past where you could select amount given and how often :wink: unhappy it’s not for whole project !
Nabu casa guys: a patreon account for the project ? or even a liberapay account (so you don’t pay too much charges in donations although not sure it’s usable for an american based project…

If it suits your needs, I don’t think they would mind if you subscribe multiple NabuCasa subscriptions. :grinning: I understand your question about donating options though.


I was going to suggest exactly this. Nothing preventing multiple subscriptions.

I’d also prefer some other form of donation where I can decide myself how much I want to pay.
I want to support the (hiring of) developers and not other user’s cloud infrastructure.

You can also sponsor the home assistant project on GitHub. Go here and click the sponsor button at the top. You can then choose your level of support

EDIT: the button only seems to show up for me on the desktop site, FYI if you click that link on your phone. It’s the button with a heart :heart:

You can support them on GitHub for more $/mo

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Excellent, was not aware of that feature in github :wink: Have setup a regular payment there to support project :+1:

Yeah, I have subscribed … but I was also put off by Nabu Casa’s focus on providing a cloud service which I do not want or use. It seems opposed to HA’s focus on local control. I would be curious to see the number of Nabu Casa subscribers vs the number who actually use the cloud service.

Given the stated goal of “local control”, I am disappointed that a local voice assistant is not a Nabu Casa priority - instead it feels that Home Assistant and Nabu Casa are actively encouraging the Alexa and Google Home cloud products.