Financial support for the developers

Is there a way to provide money to help support the project and full time developers. I like to give some money to the open source projects I use, but other projects I contributed to in the past had foundations you could donate to which I don’t believe home assistant has. Can I just Venmo money to Paulus or something? I suspect there is a better way.


Can you send money to Nabu Casa without getting the service?

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You can pay for a subscription and not use it.


I suppose that is true. If that is the preferred way of doing things I can do that.

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Yep but it’s not much helping to fund the project :frowning: Same here where I install HA at some high end residential customers and I feel guilty not being able to support HA in a more important way than just a nabu casa subscription :frowning:
I was also supporting ESPHome in the past as I use it quite a lot but unhappy it’s no more possible since Nabu Casa took over the project :confused:

What makes you say that?

There are now 14 paid developers on the Nabu Casa team.

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Well my wording was probably not the best, I wanted to say I’d like to support more than just less than 10 bucks a month :wink:

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One of the long time full time developers @frenck has other options for donations too, like Patreon: see Donate ❤️ Franck Nijhof's Open Source efforts » . I don’t know any options to donate to the entire project, other than a NabuCasa subscription.

Yep very similar at Patreon for ESPHome in past where you could select amount given and how often :wink: unhappy it’s not for whole project !
Nabu casa guys: a patreon account for the project ? or even a liberapay account (so you don’t pay too much charges in donations although not sure it’s usable for an american based project…

If it suits your needs, I don’t think they would mind if you subscribe multiple NabuCasa subscriptions. :grinning: I understand your question about donating options though.


I was going to suggest exactly this. Nothing preventing multiple subscriptions.

I’d also prefer some other form of donation where I can decide myself how much I want to pay.
I want to support the (hiring of) developers and not other user’s cloud infrastructure.

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You can also sponsor the home assistant project on GitHub. Go here and click the sponsor button at the top. You can then choose your level of support

EDIT: the button only seems to show up for me on the desktop site, FYI if you click that link on your phone. It’s the button with a heart :heart:

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You can support them on GitHub for more $/mo


Excellent, was not aware of that feature in github :wink: Have setup a regular payment there to support project :+1:

Yeah, I have subscribed … but I was also put off by Nabu Casa’s focus on providing a cloud service which I do not want or use. It seems opposed to HA’s focus on local control. I would be curious to see the number of Nabu Casa subscribers vs the number who actually use the cloud service.

Given the stated goal of “local control”, I am disappointed that a local voice assistant is not a Nabu Casa priority - instead it feels that Home Assistant and Nabu Casa are actively encouraging the Alexa and Google Home cloud products.


is it still a thing that you cannot donate to the devolopers ?

i like the project but nabu casa is 7.5 euro per month

i would be willing to pay 3€/month or so to support the project without getting any service but for now i cant which is sad

I think if you add donation option you would be getting more money

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I recently donated through GitHub as someone mentioned and that allows you to choose whatever amount you want. It sounds like the money just goes to Paulus but he seems like a cool dude I’m guessing he probably shares with the rest of the nabucasa crew.

I’m in the same situation: I heavily use HA at home and I don’t need the Nabu Casa cloud services. I want to sponsor the project (all the employed developers!) but the Nabu Casa monthly fee looks too high if compared with my idea of “little contribution”. I was thinking on about 3 US/EUR per month.
I would like to use the GitHub sponsorship on the project but it looks that activating it on the main core repository it will target the main developer Paulus (@balloob). Can someone in the organisation confirm that such funds will be shared among all the developers? I believe that in a group all should get their parts.