Find and edit a file. Aqualogic component

I would like to make some changes to the aqualogic component to fit my system but can’t find or don’t understand how to find a dependent file. I’m on the fly learning python.

The refers to aqualogic.core. In the github repo there is a file with the setting I want to edit. But I cannot find it on my Pi anywhere. Could some python guru out there point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

It won’t be on your pi unless you have installed it. Did you install it?

OK I didn’t realise the aqualogic component was now part of HA.

Where HA installs it’s dependencies depends on how you installed HA. Are you running hassbian? raspbian?

I’m running raspbian. But have looked in the following folders and the 3 files are there but not


Thanks for your help

Try looking in home/pi/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/aqualogic. It will only install the package if you’ve put an aqualogic component in your configuration and started home assistant with it.

The problem here is you might be having to edit this file periodically (for example it will probably get overwritten if the aqualogic package gets an update).

Another idea is to submit a pull request on the aqualogic package if others could benefit. Also another idea is to fork the package and register your version on pypi. Then you can copy the ha files to create a custom component with your personal package as the required package to install.

So i finally wrapped my head around where the files are located.

Thanks for all the help!!