Find removed Zwave Device/Entity Names from Backups or HA

I tried to move from a Nortek HUSBZB-1 to an AeoTec Zstick 7 and got stuck on backing up the NVM on the Nortek. I decided to burn it all and just reset Zwave and repair everything, start fresh.

I made backups, took screenshots, etc. but I did not take pictures of the entity names for the z wave devices, mostly lights.

Is there way to find the previous entity names of removed z wave devices from the backups? I looked into the Zwave JS UI backups, but they just reference nodes. I can tell the old entity names are somewhere as when I add a zwave device, it will automatically named as the entity which held that node number before.

Somewhere in Home Assistant, there is a list of old entity names. I have backups of the whole system running on the old Z Wave stick too, just don’t know where to find it. Thanks!!

PS the reason is, I have 45 z wave devices, and I’ve re-paired 40 of them and don’t know what the other 5 were! Also using the old naming conventions would be helpful. Again I have backups for my backups!

Home assistant


File is something like config_entity_registery

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Found it thank you