Find Url of an add-on to open in new window

I have several adding like zwave, esphome, nzbget with user interfaces open in home assistant. I can open the user interfaces from inside home assistant, but how can I find the url to open it in a new window or use it for configuration? For nzbget for example I need the url to add the integration, zwave is finding the url on its own.

Can anyone help finding the url or tell me how?

to find the url of a device you could look in your router and see what is connected. It will show the url there.

If you have the latest HA then they recently added this option. :heart: :+1:

go to configuration > devices and services > in integrations click on the device you looking for > click on “1 device” > click on the name of your device under device heading > then under device info click on “visit device” and the URL should be in your browser. if you can’t click on “visit device” then you will have to look in your router for the url.