Find3 and Zanzito

I’ve set up a Find3 server and it works well with the Find3 app, however the app is rather battery hungry compared to Zanzito. Will Zanzito be updated to handle Find3 or is there a way of changing the MQTT payload in the app?

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It’s been a while and still no Find3 update or workaround. It’s a shame because Zanzito is so feature rich compared to the Find3 app. Does anyone have a script to rework the Zanzito payload externally to something Find3 uses?

I looked at this when it seemed apparent that the author of Zanzito was too busy or not interested in providing support (if you go searching for him you’ll find he’s quite a busy man). In theory it would be a case of writing a proxy to sit in front of Find 3, grab the inbound query, rewrite it to the Find 3 format and pass it into Find 3, which wouldn’t be too difficult for someone with a bit of programming skill and time, which I generally have neither of these days.