Hi there! Is this possibile to add an integration for this product?
It works very well with BT and a dedicated gateway.

Please provide LOTS more information and it should probably be a Feature Request.

Links, tell us what it does and why you like it.

You are trying to convince someone to help you and do a bunch of work, so
‘This is great, please make it’ is not going to work…

Actually, i’m using blinds automation in my house with FINDER YESLY. Brand name “FINDER”.
This integration communicate with every blind with bluetooth protocol.
To have an integration via web or via Alexa (by skill) i bought a specific gateway.

There are 2 types of mobile app to configure this system:
1 - installation: “FINDER toolbox Plus”
2 - user interface “YESLY You”

With the first app, you can add the devices via BT, woth the second app, once you have configured the gateway, you can open/close them.

I don’t know if there are a specific API to communicate, but i think if there is an Alexa skill HA could interfacing with it.

This brand is the most used in Italy for this type of devices, they have a high-quality components and they works very well once configured correctly.

I apologize for my few initial infos, if you needs some more please ask me.

Thank you