Finding release notes?

It humbles me to say it, but I can not find the release notes. Where are they located? I read them before I updated by a link in the notice of a new version. After I updated, I wanted to refer to them again but I have not been able to locate them. Specifically, I updated to 0.92.1. It mentioned adding a new ‘pin’ number feature to secure alarm system commands, etc. I have been using an ADT alarm implementation that has stopped working, so I think I need to add that pin to my configuration. Thanks for any assistance, Doug

All the release notes are posted on the blog on the official website. Here are the release notes for version 0.92: (scroll down a bit for 0.92.1)

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This will take you to 0.92.1 specifically.

Thank you gentlemen. Most appreciated.:+1:

I prefer github to the blog:

But they should both have the same info

The blog in the upper right header of the home page is how to get to them. After that there are categories on the right hand side, Release Notes is one of the categories.

I find this list useful when searching for old release notes.