FingBox and IFTTT (Official Support)

Just thought I’d let you know that Fing have officially announced their IFTTT integration after being in Beta for a short period of time.

I’m been using the beta for the past few weeks and can report its working great and offers a number of ready made recipes to use INCLUDING presence detection. This combined with Home Assistant Webhooks and IFTTT integration makes is a very powerful solution.

See the link below for further details:

They emailed me today to say it was live.

Seems to work well though I’d prefer that it didn’t rely on IFTTT. I’m using it with Cloud Webhooks, so that three services to rely on.

I contacted Fing about this and they seemed to think that IFTTT access was sufficient.

Ok so looks like FULL Home Asssitnat integration with a local API is coming soon to Premium users of Fing (££££).

Yes, I saw that as well and posted in antother thread here … Honestly, I think that it’s a lame move from the Fing Team. Local API should be free or they could have charge a reasonable one time fee to unlock the feature, but I am not paying their $7/month.

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What’s we need here is open source hardware we can build ourselves to do the same job. Maybe an esp inspired project but not sure something like esphome could handle the software side of things.

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If you look at the API, it only mentions Fing Desktop as well. Makes zero sense, why would I run a PC to run Fing Desktop 24/7 to use the API when I have multiple Fingboxes doing the same.

I do wonder if those with Fingboxes will get free access, like they did with the ad free stuff in the app - but I am not banking on it.

I was wondering if a RPi could be utilised to do the same thing as Fingbox.

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FWIW they replied on their forums - the API only applies to the Desktop app, not the Fingbox.

As of now, the local API is for Fing desktop only. For fingbox users, I have put in the suggestion and hopefully, it will be reviewed over for future release but currently, there is no time frame or update on this.”

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