Fingerprint authentication via MQTT

Hey guys,

I shared this on Reddit over the weekend but thought I’d share it here too for anyone who wanted to check it out, its a quick demo of a fingerprint sensor working within HASS over MQTT, something I had not seen before (not to say someone else hasn’t done it!)

When I was trying to look for information on this I saw quite a lot of people asking the question of how to do this but no answers, so decided I wanted to document everything in case it helps anyone else, since I saw a lot of people struggling with it.

Full guide coming soon but essentially its an esp8266 board (Wemos D1 Mini in this case) connected to Home Assistant via MQTT, and powering an FPM10A Fingerprint sensor. It can remotely enroll new fingerprints and delete old ones without reprogramming (something that is frustrating about the original code) and seems to be pretty snappy. It can store 127 fingerprints too.

Hope you like it, more details will hopefully be coming really soon.


Would be interested to see the code for this.
I’ve been attempting to integrate the round waveshare fingerprint reader with esphome for a few days, and it’s not quite there.

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Awesome, what issues have you ran into?

I’ll hopefully have code for it soon once I get everything together and the code tidied up a bit. It is in C/C++ and not quite got round to testing with ESPHome yet but hopefully we will get there with it at some point!

I’ve been having some trouble with the code that reads from the sensor, it has a do while loop which is waiting for data from the sensor. This causes it to block and shortly after the ESP crashes.

I need to have a play with moving the receiving code into loop()… hopefully I’ll have some time to check it again later.

Love how slick it looks in your video though :slight_smile:

I hope you get it working, would be cool to see! What library do you use for that?

Thanks, appreciate that! :slight_smile:

I have been playing around with some example code uploaded by @Will711990 -
It has been super helpful in understanding how to interact with the reader.

Hope you get it working, please let me know, I’d be interested!

Looking forward to further details. I had previously seen this on reddit, and really like the idea. How much is the fingerprint sensor? tbh I’d use two (we are two people living here) if they aren’t crazy expensive, perhaps even not at the door but the place we usually go first when returning home (or a separate at the door to log out and the other two to log back in).

Really nice project.

Thanks for the support!

The sensors are around £10 in the UK, around $15 USD so nothing crazy I wouldn’t say. I think that’s a great use case to be honest, be sure to send me it if you do end up doing it!

Quick update video on Twitter for those interested, I’ll keep posting updates there if anyone is interested!

Will there be a tutorial on how to set this up? I usually use either ESPHome or tasmota for my ESP8266 / nodeMCU devices, so while I understand in theory how this might work (based on the linked github repo), I don’t think I could integrate it without further details.

I’m very close to publishing the full guide, not long now! :slight_smile:

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Guide now up here for those interested, hope you enjoy!


You made it on to Hack a Day:

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Thank you so much for this detailed guide! I am still not sure where to order the fingerprint sensor (from Germany; either wait long to ship from Asia and get it for a good price, or pay more, but be able to start soon), but I can’t wait to implement this.

Great job!

You are very welcome, glad you liked it, can’t wait to see what you make with it!

Works great with my alarm pannel that also has rfid tag reader


That awesome, thanks for sharing! I really love that!

Thank you for your work and make this possible

My pleasure! I’ve actually been looking at RFID’s again recently for an upcoming topic but I really love the work you’ve done there so I’d maybe like to look at combining them also, with a shout out to you of course!

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