Fingerprint biometric sensor R503 – R307 on Home Assistant

In this guide, we will discover how to integrate a biometric fingerprint sensor on the Home Assistant, using the SmartHome firmware , useful for managing a pedestrian gate or an overhead door; simply with our fingerprint.

Here are the points we will address:

  • What’s New Version 1.2
  • Necessary material
  • Prerequisites
  • File downloads
  • Connections
  • Flash Firmware
  • Firmware configuration
  • Package installation
  • Card creation on Lovelace
  • Example Automation
  • Thanks
  • Troubleshooting

Preview PKGs:


Link Project:

Hi Salvatore,

i want to say thanks for sharing this guide and your work for this sensor, i tried it and it works. Little modifications were needed for the mqtt lines and also for the lovelace entity lines but all in all i made it to work.

I have question though, can i use the same wemos d1 for controling a relay to open my door when the fingerprint is accepted? I need it to be 2 seconds on and than off.

I see when setting up in Impulsi there is a GPIO relė, is that what i need? If yes can you please help me how can i activate it for 2 seconds.


I made it work, used the timer switch in the configuration and it was discovered in homeassistant devices entity.

Hi sorry I read your message now the pkg in question is being updated soon an update will come out.

Thanks for sharing this project! I just ordered a R307 sensor and am expecting it to arrive this week. While reviewing your website, I couldn’t seem to find the mentioned fingerprint.pkg file on the google drive? Am I not looking in the right spot?

EDIT: Disregard I located the pkg file! Looking forward to playing with it soon!

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