Fingerprint Garage Door Opener -- battery only – based on NUKI!

Before you continue reading:
This is a relatively expensive solution – so if you do not want to spend around 300.- bucks on a garage door opener – keep scrolling ! :laughing:

If you are a rich bastard or you want a fingerprint solution to open your garage door very badly---- but you can’t route a cable to the fingerprint reader – here is my solution!

What you need:

  • A NUKI keypad 2.0 (Keypad 2.0 - Nuki)
  • A NUKI door lock 2.0 (or higher) – you can get the 2.0 second hand for around 70.- dollars these days (this is a link to the 3.0: )
  • A NUKI bridge (Nuki Bridge ) – again, you can get those second hand for around 50.- bucks – if you are already a NUKI user than you are good to go.
  • An entity in HA that toggles your garage door drive when you click on it - in my case I used a Shelly 1 relay connected to the door drive unit.

What you do:

  • Download and install the Nuki App on your phone
  • Take the Nuki door lock and “simulate” it being attached to a door.
    My solution looks like this:

  • Calibrate the door lock using the Nuki App
  • Connect the lock to your HA setup via the nuki-ng Integration (GitHub - kvj/hass_nuki_ng: Better support for Nuki devices in the Home Assistant )
  • You now have an entity in HA that shows the state of the lock (locked and unlocked)
  • Connect the NUKI keypad 2.0 to your lock using the NUKI app
  • Select “intelligent” for the lock action of the keypad
  • Every time you now put your finger on the fingerprint reader, it will change the status of the lock
    (i.e. locked-to-unlocked and unlocked-to-locked)
  • Install the NUKI keypad on the outside of your garage door
  • Place the NUKI lock somewhere in the garage where it will receive the Bluetooth signal from the NUKI keypad (max. 5m?)
  • Write an automation in HA
    o Trigger: Lock state changes from locked-to-unlocked or unlocked-to-locked
    o Action: Toggle the entity that activates your garage door drive

You now have a Fingerprint reader that transmits the “Open/Close Garage Door” signal directly via Bluetooth to the NUKI lock (and by all accounts that connection should be fairly secure) and once the lock has changed its status, it triggers the opening/closing of the garage door via HA.

Whacky idea ? :upside_down_face:

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Nice to see someone actually did this :grinning::+1:
I also thought of this, but it’s a very expensive solution. So my hope is that someday the fingerprint keypad from switchbot will be compatible with a Switchbot bot or directly with Home Assistant, so it can trigger an automation without buying the actual lock itself.

I think for now you could achieve the same with a Switchbot bot lock and their fingerprint keypad, which is a little bit cheaper than the Nuki products.

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i am also looking for a homeassistant compatible outdoor battery keypad.
at the moment i use a xiaomi zigbee button around the corner to open the garagedoor. (secret quadrolupe press) (maybe its possible to use secret click paterns also?)

and the nuki keypad for the nuki lock (garage service door)
it would be cool to control both doors with one nuki keypad