FingerprintDoorbell Frickelzeug MQTT Problem

Meine Türklingel reagiert auf andere MQTT Nachrichten. Ich kann es zum Teil reproduzieren.
Hat jemand ein ähnliches Problem und konnte es lösen? Ich bin um jeden Ratschlag dankbar.

My doorbell reacts to other MQTT messages. I can partly reproduce it. Has anyone had a similar problem and was able to solve it? I’m grateful for any advice.

Here is the great original Project.


You must explain your problem in more detail. Give some examples.

OK, ich habe einige Mqtt Geräte in meinem Haus. Wenn zum Beispiel die Leinwand runterfährt geht die Türklingel an. Das gleiche bei den Jalousie.

OK, I have some Mqtt devices in my house. For example, when the screen goes down, the doorbell goes on. The same with the blinds.

It looks like every MQTT devices aktivate my Doorbell.

I tryed differend Options. But I can´t find the problem,

  • name: Fingerprint Tuerklingel
    state_topic: “fingerprintDoorbell/status/ring”
    command_topic: “fingerprintDoorbell/status/ring”
    payload_on: “on”
    payload_off: “off”
    optimistic: false
    qos: 0
    retain: true

  • name: Leinwand hoch
    state_topic: “wemos55/leinwand/fenster/aussen/licht/gpio/12”
    command_topic: “wemos55/leinwand/fenster/aussen/licht/gpio/12”
    payload_on: “1”
    payload_off: “0”
    optimistic: false
    qos: 0
    retain: true

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Try removing the retain: true lines. I suspect that the messages are being republished on any other activity.

I removed the retain: true lines. the same Problem as before.

This is the debug message from node red.
The message is ok when i push the bell.
But it shows up when i close the cover…

switch.fingerprint_tuerklingel : msg : Object
topic: "switch.fingerprint_tuerklingel"
payload: "on"
data: object
event_type: "state_changed"
entity_id: "switch.fingerprint_tuerklingel"
event: object
entity_id: "switch.fingerprint_tuerklingel"
old_state: object
new_state: object
origin: "LOCAL"
time_fired: "2023-04-25T11:26:49.890098+00:00"
context: object
id: "01GYW2N4127YM89K77GK914K71"
parent_id: null
user_id: null
_msgid: "496c6493dd0eb22f"

That’s new information. If Node Red is involved, I’m going to have to let someone else advise.

Ok thanks for your help.
I only tested Node Red to get more information. the automation was in yaml.
any way thx

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Is the doorbell state change coming from HA, or is it coming over MQTT?

Also, why is the doorbell a switch rather than a binary_sensor?

So I checked it out. Same thing. maybe the ESP is damaged.
thank you for trying to help me.