Fire 7 (9th) And HASS App/Lovelace - Compatable?

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I recently bought a cheap Fire7 on one of the Prime days to have a play with, and use as a wall panel.

I installed play store on there with reletive ease using the following guide:

From there I installed the HASS app. When I load it up, I can see my HASS system on the network as an option to connect to. However, when I connect I get “Unable to Connect to Home Assistant” error.

I’ve also tried the inbuilt browser, and Chrome to connect using both the hostname, and IP Address.


Third party apps such as Wallpanel also do not connect.

I also installed Termux and tried a ping test to my HASS, and it was absolutely fine.

Sounds like a weird permissions issue? Is the Fire Tab blocked from full access by HASS or something?

Thanks for your help!

Guess its not compatible with Fire 7 Tab then. Strange and a bit dissapointing tbh.