Fire "Call Service" Node only in Case of "true" message

Hey guys, I am a little struggling with my first Node Red flows. I would like to call services only in case that a message with payload true arrives.

Currently, every message triggers the service call, be it true or false. I know that I could set a filter node in front of the call service, but isn’t there a more convenient way to achieve the call service only react on specific payloads?

It’s not the call service, it is the node that triggers it that needs a condition. Providing your flow will get you a more precise answer.


The flow should reset my “Parents in Bed” status, as soon as the shutters are moved to a status higher than 26%. Shutters are automatically moved to 25% when window is opened, but that should not reset the status yet.

Without the filter, each status change of the shutters triggers a telegram. The state changed node has a condition on the shutters position, so it issues either true or false.

I had to use the entity attribues, as the state itself only says open or closed. It it common to do it that way, or can I influence the state changed node to only output a message if the condition is met, not when it is NOT met as well?

If you use a trigger state instead of an event state, you can trigger off the attribute.

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