Fire HD 10 (plus) - still a good bargain?


it seems like with every Black Friday/Prime Day there is a thread regarding Fire tablets so I also wanted to participate in the bi-annual check-in :wink: (it is Prime Day in Germany)

As far as I read older posts, new tablet still work fine. Only older versions seem to have problems with the latest HA (Fire HD 10 Kiosk Mode 2022 - #21 by thecrane) Has anyone made bad experience with newer versions as well?

I wondered if the Plus version is worth the extra money? I thought about using the wireless charging to remove the tablet from the wall from time to time without having to plug out the cable.

And finally, it seems like there is a small tendency for paying the extra bucks for ads free = peace of mind.

Looking forward to opinions :slight_smile:

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I use an older Fire 10 running Fully Kiosk Browser as a wall-hanging 24/7 weather station console. Never tried HA on it, because my personal belief is that Home AUTOMATION should be invisible to the occupants as much as possible.

I would probably go plus-model for the wireless charging, to make things cleaner in a wall-mounting application…assuming that it can charge 24/7 with no limitations.

The ads only display on the lock screen, so they only show on bootup in an always-on deployment…

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I own fire 8s as my current kiosks and I would NOT buy another to replace them

My next tablets will be whatever cheap generic Android tablet I can get. I’m no longer interested in fighting with Amazon over my ability to own the device and put whatever kiosk UI in it I choose.

Unless you are prepared to fully root the device I wouldn’t buy a fire for a wall tablet

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