Fire HD 8 Plus column behaviour on tablet

I am a new kid on the Home Assistant block with no coding experience.

I have a Dashboard with 2 pages (titles: “Page1”, “Page2”).

Page 1 is setup with View Type as ‘Sections (experimental)’. I selected this because I wanted to force everything into 4 columns for this dashboard:

When setting up Page 1 on desktop, I am able to set it so that I can see everything in 4 columns, however on my Fire HD 8 Plus it renders as only 2 columns (and sometimes 1 column randomly, after restarting):

What am I doing wrong? How do I force the Page 1 view of this dashboard to appear as 4 columns when viewing it on my Fire HD 8 Plus?

Hi, you will need layout card for this. Your correct dashboard will adapt according the resolution of the display, that’s why is different in the Fire

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