Fire HD vs Samsung

Trying to decide between a Samsung or Fire tablet. I am seeing a few posts about issues with HA on Fire HD tablets with Fully Kiosk Browser. It also seems the link for Fire HD on the Fully Kiosk Browser webpage is no longer available. Any advice gratefully received.

They will both ‘work’ buuuut.

With the Fire. Remember it’s cheap because Amazon subsidises the price with advertising. So before you even get it home youll want to pay the 15-20 extra dollars to have Amazon remove the ads from the login screen)

Then Amz likes to do weird things with the Webview controls on the box (read: the parts that render web pages in apps like Fully Kiosk) it will always be a few versions behind Android System Webview. Normally it’s not an issue but when it gets off. And you invariably end up on a version that has some incompatibility with HA. (like doesn’t display videos from the codec that drives your ONVIF cameras. For instance…) but you can’t do anything because Amazon hasn’t made the updates to Android system webview available…

Ive run two fire tabs running Fully at my doors as dashboards for many years. When these two die they’re NOT going to be replaced with Fire devices. You can make them work but you’ll be fighting AMZ about use permanently. You want a tablet for a dashboard. They want an ad delivery device. YMMV

Edit: just remembered your note about the link to the separate apk for AMZ. They don’t have a separate one anymore. They handle what they can for Fire devices in the main build.


This, this and this.

For the record, AMZ has also improved their ability to lock down their Fire tablets. It used to be fairly easy to root their devices, load your own OS and be off and running. Now it requires some combination of standing on your head, using a wire to connect to pads, hoping you don’t brick it…

By a cheap Samsung tablet and you will be much happier…or go with an iPad which I think is my next path.

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Agree that there’s tradeoffs with the Fire tablets for obvious reasons. But I’ll also mention I’ve had a Fire HD 8 for 1-1/2 years with no problems and didn’t pay the extra to remove ads, but the screen is always on so I’ve literally never seen the ads. I’m also just using the HA app, not fully kiosk and the screen is on 24/7. When they’re on sale, I think they’re still really hard to beat, especially if it’s just a nice-to-have thing versus the main way you interact with HA(but I’m also a cheap-ass).

I was fully planning to get a 10" one as well but managed to get a couple of original Surface RT tablets I had collecting dust to run HA in a web browser.

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