Fire HD8 Wake from Sleep

Here is my current gripe, I have a fire hd 8 running lineaseOS ROM 7.1.2 I believe along with Fully Kiosk and HASSIO

I cannot for the life of me find a way to properly toggle it on via Fully Kiosk:

  • Motion detection (not working in darkness) I have auto lights on the hallway and when they come on the tablet comes on as well without any motion - that’s a fail
  • Screensaver on (the one with the clock) and tap to resume HA, works but only the screen turns off after whatever the android setting is (even though fully kiosk is set to never sleep) I don’t like this approach as the screen is constantly on
  • Sound detection - not working at all

What would be perfect is tap to wake from sleep (when the screen is off) but 100% of the apps on the play store that “do this” are all keeping the screen on.

Was thinking of something like the FLIC bluetooth button beside the tablet and press it to wake but cannot find 100% if that is even possible.

Any suggestions?

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The closest I got was setting the Fully screen saver to dim. I copied the notes below from somewhere and used them to set mine up. Still on but does get pretty dim. Then would wake with proximity I believe, haven’t used it in a while.

under “Device Management”, set Screensaver URL (PLUS) to “dim:” (no quotes)
If you are always plugged in, then Developer Options will prevent sleep. Tap Model number? 7 times then click stay awake.
I have keep screen on set to ON
launch on boot set to on
screen off timer set to 0
screensaver timer set to 30
screensaver url set to dim:

I haven’t gotten around to setting mine up yet, however this post looks like it has all the setups you need.

That’s great I’ll keep reading into it but when not charging developer mode option does NOT keep the screen on, goes off after 30 mins, even though Fully Kiosk is set to always screen on so that is not working for me.