Fire Tablet in Kiosk Mode

Target: Affordable wall mounted tablet showing one lovelace page content in dark mode.

Fully Kiosk Broser works fine. However, I was looking for an alternative for my new Fire Tablet, without risking its Warranty loss, and run into “ClickSimply Kiosk” in the Amazon Store. It fulfills all my needs (Webpage Kiosk mode, don’t sleep). Its UI is very simple, and requires setting a new URL each time it starts. My workaround is cut/past in conjunction with the simple text editor “Coastline” available again at Amazon. The URL has to start with http/https. You may set a pin at the start.

As my goal is to provide a specific webpage only, there is no need for the lovelace sidebar and the header. As a solution I’m still happy with the HACS kiosk-mode.

My URL stored in the text editor looks then like

Why would Fully Kiosk make you lose your warranty? I run it on a Fire10 just as an app and it works fine I haven’t rooted the tablet (I know there is a method to do that but I didn’t bother.)

Fully is the best way to go IMO. You can restrict to one URL if you want, and the other features (motion detection etc.) make it ideal. I don’t even use the kiosk mode these days.

Agreed Fully works great on a non rooted Fire Tablet these days. I’m driving two fire 10s with the premium version of Fully. Well worth the price

There is a .apk download on Fully’s web site for a Fire-specific installation package. No Google Play hacking required…

I agree, i have two fire tablets running Fully. It ran great before it was instigated into HA. And is even better with HA integration. License is super cheap too.

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Do animations work on your fire device ? I cannot for the life of me get my animated images on my HA dashboard to animate on fire devices. Works on every other browser :roll_eyes:

Ive currently no issues using Fully on a fire 8