Fire tablet

Got a used Fire tablet and have it working pretty well with Fully Kiosk.

Have a few questions as am totally new to having a wall tablet:-

  1. How would you do ‘different views’ on the tablet? Like if I don’t want all features/functions available to the user of the tablet? Any way to present another dashboard?

  2. When motion is detected on the Fire it ‘wakes up’, but I still have to click to show the Fully Kiosk app - it doesn’t wake up showing Fully Kiosk. Is that a limitation of the Amazon OS?

  3. On that note, is it advisable to either wipe the Amazon bloat with the Fire Toolbox OR totally remove the Amazon OS and replace with regular Android?

Thanks all!

  1. Look into ‘custom header’. Should be on HACS.
  2. Dunno, but a stock Android tablet doesn’t have this issue.
  3. I use Fire Toolbox and it deals with every issue except the outdated Webview. I’ve heard the newest Fire tablets have an updated webview that fixes the issue. I’m considering replacing the OS with Lineage OS, but wary of the bugs that come with unofficial OS. No choice is perfect unfortunately.

Thank you! Well, in the event, about two weeks ago I put Lineage on the tablet. It wasn’t easy but the flexibility it’s given me is brilliant! I also have the latest webview etc. No bugs detected yet, but I did install four patches (auto rotation, OMX, nvram and battery saver).

Awesome! where do you find the patches you talked about? And what rom did you use?

This was the ROM used. I used the XDA forum a lot and unfortunately I can’t now find the specific steps I followed but they closely mirror the post here. If you do some Googling and use the key terms like the name of the bootloader (whose name I can’t remember now) you should find it.
The most difficult part was the hardware part of sticking a wire underneath the heat shield and shorting a particular resistor. In the end what made that work was disconnecting the USB cable then shorting then reconnecting the USB cable. In that order! Good luck!

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