Fireangel fire/CO/heat alarm network bridge integration


There is a new interconnected bridge from Fireangel here:

Can this be integrated into HA (probably similar to the Hive integration)?



I definitely would like to see this.

The FireAngel Connected Pro range are available in the UK, they include both Smoke, Heat, and CO2 sensors, and via the Wi-Safe2 gateway multiple units can be linked together. This puts them well above many other solutions.

With Nest having their access via Works With Nest being killed off by Google we need to find replacements. Yes Google delayed this for people who have not already converted their accounts but this will still happen eventually for those not yet converted and it also sounds like they are adding compulsory 2FA which will further prevent existing connectivity options.

So please look at adding support for this solution.


This looks cool. Same thing here, looking to replace my nest protect devices. I reached out to fireangel and asked if a local API will be made available. They stated they are working out the details now and will consider a local API on the box. Fingers crossed.

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If you keep in contact with FireAngel can you ask them to consider HomeKit support as well. They would only need to add it to their gateway and not each sensor.

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Cool. Fingers crossed too. That would be awesome!

I’ll point them here! :slight_smile:

Any news? I’ve got a bunch of WiFi Safe 2 alarms which link together, but not yet the GW. But would get one if there was HA support.

There was some recent downtime to the Fireangel cloud so that they could carry out some upgrades for some future ‘enhancements’.

I have a feeling it’s going to be IFTTT based… This seems to be the one thing on their FAQ that still says ‘work in progress’.

On their website it says:
Q: Does the FireAngel Pro Connected range work with IFTTT?
A: Not yet; integration with IFTTT is something that we are working on.

Just my two pennies worth!!

I’m just hoping that there is something as it would be nice to somehow link these to HA! :wink:


I have added my vote to this and also emailed FireAngel to ask if there is any update on when we might see support for anything other than Alexa (at least you can use her to schedule a weekly test of the alarm system).

Surprisingly the availability of the FireAngel Wi-Safe Connect Alexa Skill is not well publicised on their website.

I’m hoping for a local API that will allow some smart person to code a native integration, but even Smarthings or IFTTT support would be a start. I will update this thread if/when I get a response.


I added the FireAngel to the new zWave controller of HA and to me it looks better than expected.

Hi Gerard

Can I ask what the new zwave controller is?

Does that replace the module in the alarm?

Can you still interlink?



I mean this one:

So my FireAngel has a Z-Wave module and it looks good (But I am still testing)

The detectors are linked by a cable but Z-wave sees only one. I am not sure if that is an issue. Again, I am still testing with it.

What alarm are you using? Trying to make sure I get the right one with z-wave built in!

I have the 220v version but there is one only on battery. You need to buy the funkmodul too.

I believe you have to replace the module in the alarm if the current one is for their protocol known as Wi-Safe, you need to get the Z-Wave module as well as the alarm to work with the Z-Wave controller I believe.

I found a potential way to buy the module in the UK here (IT HAS SINCE BECOME UNAVAILABLE):

No idea how well the interlinking works with the Z-Wave modules, someone would need to test this out an report back

I’m not sure if any of the alarms come with this built in and you need to buy a separate Z-Wave module to get this to work a Z-Wave hub rather than the FireAngel one

Has anyone tried connecting with Alexa and then connecting Alexa with Nabu Casa (if you have the subscription?) this may be a temporary work around

I have it connected to the Alexa Skill, but there’s not much you can do with it other than have it schedule a test weekly (which, to be fair, is the main automation I wanted), and tell Alexa to silence the alarm. I can’t see a way to use the alarm as a trigger and the individual alarms seem to be exposed to Alexa as burglar alarms as the options are to Arm Home or Arm Away. I don’t think you can directly expose an Alexa device to Nabu Casa (maybe someone can correct me), other than creating an input boolean in HASS, exposing that to Alexa and then having an Alexa routine to switch the input boolean on/off, which I do for other devices, but I can’t see how that would help here, given the basic options available.

and I guess either the FireAngel app or Alexa will notify you if there is a smoke/heat/co event? so will there be much use in a Home Assistant automation other than to action other devices?

Yes, the FireAngel app notifies you of an event and sends an email. It would be useful to have greater integration into Home Assistant, as you could switch on the lights, unlock the door etc to make exiting the house quicker/safer/easier, but the core of what you need (IMO) is catered for by the FireAngel app and Alexa. It might be possible to use the Home Assistant IMAP Email Content integration to create sensors for the different events from the emails it sends, but I haven’t had any success in using this (for other things either) yet. The documentation for this integration is a little lacking/unclear and I need to spend more time getting my head around how you use this integration.

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