Firebase error after factory reset of phone

Reset my Pixel 6 Pro and now I get “firebase error” dialogue upon setting up the companion app. Google search didn’t turn up much in the way of other users facing similar issues except for a known outage years ago.


this error is out of control for the app, seems the firebase instance your device is trying to connect to is unavailable.

you can try starting fresh to see if that helps:

it will probably go away on its own from what I gather as its a temporary connection issue.

Yeah I’ve removed and reinstalled the app a few times with reboots in between. Not sure how firebase works, was hoping there was a tool to reset my ID or something of that nature.

remove and reinstall are not part of the linked steps :wink: we actually call that out too

2. Clear Storage or App data in Android app. Do not assume it is safe to uninstall and reinstall as that triggers auto-backup which we are trying to avoid here.

I was unaware of that, but yeah clearing storage was my very first T/S step. I did that twice and when it didn’t work I went for the uninstall. Good to know though, thanks.