Firefox doesn't display camera feed when clicking on it?


Using Chrome it works perfectly when clicking the preview of the camera to open up the latest movement recording.
But when using Firefox (latest quantum version). It opens the popup, but no video is shown at all?

I tried without uBlock Origin too, no difference (and I use it on Chrome too).

Any ideas?

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Same issue here, tried reset same thing. If anyone can help?
Also there seem to be some errors in the log file in regards with the camera but they dont seem to be related to the issue.

I also see this behavior on Mac in Safari and Firefox. The thumbnails load but video will not display for mp4 file or rtsp stream. In Chrome the mp4 file streams but the rtsp camera does not. I do have a proxy doing SSL, but not entirely sure that would be the cause as Iā€™m not seeing any errors.

Seems like a thread has opened

I had the same issue untill I changed settings in my hikvision DVR from h265 encoding to h264. Now the stream works everywhere.