Firefox: Lovelace always falls back to old UI when clicking Dev Tools

I have an issue with Firefox Browser and Lovelace UI:

I have set Lovelace to default on my computer but whenever I click on items in the dev tools section in the frontend and then move back to the Overview section hass loads the old UI. I always have to klick on the little i-button and klick on the “Try out the new Lovelace UI” button to get Lovelace back. Does anyone know if you can convince hass to always show Lovelace?

Same issue but pretty much all tabs except for the configuration tab for me, Firefox on Android. I just kill the app and reopen.

Edit: not, so it appears to be unrelated to that specifically.

Put in an issue on the github page. Faster response

I am talking about my desktop computer. On Android I use Bromite and it’s doing fine and as axpected. It’s much faster than firefox.

Yeah no issue for me on Firefox on Windows, its purely a problem on Android only. I hope when Lovelace becomes the default, this issue will resolve itself.

yes i am saying the dev’s actually fix things faster when you put in a issue on github, i am not sure if the main dev’s check the forums

I know. But I first wanted to check if I might have a setting wrong in about:config or something. Thanks for the reply.