Fireplace Entity and/or extension to Climate Entity

I wanted to open some discussion on potential changes to support Gas/Electric fireplaces in Home Assistant. And if we come to a consensus I’m happy to write the code myself.

I’ve been working on building out an integration for my Intellifire WifiModule fireplace.

The fireplaces have the following features:

  • Light (
  • Fan (
  • Thermostatic on/off control (
  • Sleep Timer (not yet implemented)
  • Flame Height (???)

Gas Fireplaces can be used as a primary heating source and if the thermostatic mode is engaged they function juts like a normal furnace. If its too cold the flame comes on - if its too hot it goes off.

What I’m struggling with is the best way to implement the flame height separately without making it too tacky.

I’m considering using a fan entity as the flame height pretty much maps to a fan well. If I wanted to use the climate entity - I was thinking I could tie into AUX_HEAT if there was an optional field to set AUX_HEAT_LEVEL.

This may not be a valid mapping, however, because most furnaces are only 2 stages and aux_heat really is meant to represent stage 2 heating.

So this is more of a question for the community → do you see value in having:

  • A separate fireplace entity
  • Modifying the climate entity so that it could support a gas fireplace.

Writing the code isn’t the holdup here - its a discussion on what would actually be useful and or make sense for HA.