My house has an old gas fireplace that I have to turn on and off like a caveman by opening the gas valve and then starting the fire with a lighter.

Do you have a recommendation so I can upgrade the fireplace and integra it with home assistant?

Think about it first. The system you have will work regardless of a power outage. There are things you can do, but is it worth it.



In the US at least, any device that meets fire code cannot be activated outside line of sight, (read: must be IR or manual switched) and must also meet all requirements of a thermostat driven furnace. (pilot light, pilot outage/relight detection, overheat, automatic failsafe cutoff, etc.)

Also… If you do build it and the fireplace burns down the home, your insurance company may give you trouble paying if it was DIY…

Personally, this is one of those things I’m going professional installation for.


Thanks. I was wondering if there was a professional solution that meets all safety regulations. For example, I imagine that someone could build additional safety rules to turn it off if certain things happen. Anyhow, my guess is that this solution doesn’t exist because the risk of s mistake is too high. Thanks!

there are indeed such

You can find professional gas fireplace inserts that operate as ‘furnaces’ and will meet all the specifications but you won’t find one with a radio control. All of them will either be switched or IR controlled because of the items mentioned.

I had mine updated professionally with a RF remote, yes they are legal. Here is mine: RF fireplace remote

I then added a bond bridge to it and it works great.
Bond Bridge