Firestick ADB command for ITV and BBC

I have found that for most apps I don’t have to do the adb commands and I can just use the media player source and put in the source that the Firestick displays in Home Assistant when playing. For instance Netflix is simply Netflix.

However, I’m having problems with ITV (now ITVx). Even though it shows the source as air.ITVxMediaPlayer, that does not work. I also got the command line and tried an adb command of: am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -n com.candyspace.itvplayer.ui.main.MainActivity , but that doesn’t work either. I’m also wondering if like with Netflix how using ADB I can go direct to a certain video, if with BBCiPlayer if I can get to a certain channel.

If anyone is familiar with these issues with Firestick or could direct me to where I could research this more I would appreciate it.