Fireworks LED Effect

I have an idea for a scene but no clue how to even attack it: fireworks effect. It starts off all white. Then after x time (5 minutes?), color bursts happen in fairly quick succession. After each “burst”, the strip returns to the base white color. In this specific deployment, I’m using 4 Gledopto RGBCCW controllers.

Thoughts? Starting point for this recipe?

Wow, no suggestions? I’m pretty shocked.

Here is not the best place to ask for help with LED scripts like that. May I suggest looking in to Fastled. as that’s the place to learn LED strip effects.

And what you learn can then be added to a ESPHome or WLED device to control the LED’s to your liking.

Thank you for the tip. I will look into it.

A related (FastLED/WLED) inspirational read if needed.