Firing a webhook from my phone

I have disabled the Google voice control unlocking of my locks since I can yell at my garage and open the house door if it’s on. Not much use in having a lock… I would still like to be able to open my phone and unlock the door instead of having to be at the door pulling the code.

I don’t want this going to the cloud ot IFttt. I would love to have an HTTP file on my computer that I can open with a browser on the web and that does the POST command and sends the web-hook.

Anyone have an example? I haven’t found a straight up example. I know someone out here could do this in their sleep.

I did the automation and have the web-hook URL…

- id: _redacted_
  initial_state: 'on'
  alias: _redacted_
    platform: webhook
    webhook_id: _redacted_
  - service: script.turn_on
    entity_id: script.unlock_back_door

I did exactly this for firing a counter counting coffees per day. Stealing images from my own setup-tutorial, but I think they will be a good fit here. Just change the webhook-id form coffee to whatever your value is, and maybe change the name. Here is how I set it up:

I used HTTP Shortcuts (which is also open source) to generate an icon on my home screen.

To configure HTTP shortcuts, first add a new shortcut named Unlock (or anything else if you want). Make sure that it is sending a POST to your webhook api endpoint:

Make sure that the shortcut sends the Content-Type-header with value application/json, and add an empty body that is still valid json (for instance {}). I have also chosen to be notified of the response via a toast:

Finally, the advanced settings can be left as default:

When the shortcut is saved, longpress on the name in the app and choose Place on home screen to get a nice clickable icon just a thumb away!

I still have something confused in my head I guess. I am trying to use the nabu casa webhook. I am not exposing my HA instance to the outside except thru nabu casa and google, but no ssl, no web open port. Thank you for the android tool to make a POST, I tried it, but I get a 405 error with the url.

Using the nabu casa webhook should snake back to my automation that generated the crazy long url, at least that what I thought should happen. about 128 redacted characters here…)abr=

Another option, if your presence detection is good enough that you could add a condition that the voice control only works while you are home?

Sure, but if I need to let someone into the house when I away, I still can’t.
This is as much me getting this to work as it is to open the door. This is a situation where I thought I may use a webhook.

I use several with tasker. Have an NFC on my garage keypad that fires an http get?, my son doesn’t have to remember the code, just swipes his phone.
My first thought was that with tasker if your presence was good enough that you could automate the webhook or http to unlock when you got within range, hard to prevent missfires though.