Firing events with iOS Shortcuts

Has anyone had any success creating iOS Shortcuts to Fire Events through the Home Assistant Companion app?

Every time I try to test it, I get an error that states “Could Not Run Fire Event”, “An unknown error occurred”.

I’m running HA v103.5 and my app is v2.0.0 (69) if that makes any difference.

An update to my own question… switching to call service provided more verbose errors regarding JSON objects. I was trying to fire an event with no data but apparently you need curly braces at a minimum.


I tried this and it works with my catch automation for ios actions:

The catch automation is here:


Works for me. Dr Zzz has a video from back in the day about it

Thanks for testing it and posting an example, @olbjan.

While testing, I sent some test events with no data ( e.g. {} ). I wasn’t anticipating this but sending ios.action_fired with {} as the data triggered every automation set to listen for that event, even if I specified what actionName to look for.

So an action with {} triggered an automation looking for actionName: ‘a’ and actionName: ‘b’, but {“actionName”: “a”} won’t trigger the automation watching for actionName: ‘b’ and vice versa…


It just needs to be valid JSON, hence the need for squiggly brackets.

Understood. All I was trying to say in my last comment was I observed that sending an ios.action_fired event with no actionName defined triggers all ios.action_fired automations, even if you’ve specified an actionName in the trigger.

That isn’t the behavior I would have expected.

Thanks, that was it.

Just wanna thanks this helps me as well in my HA journey :slight_smile: