Firmata Analog Input

How do I configure Firmata to read the analog pins on my Arduino?

I’m running the StandardFirmata instance on my Arduino, and I can’t get a reading (other than 0) out of the analog pins. The digital pins respond as expected. Is there a modification I have to make to the StandardFirmata program running on the Arduino?

My config is below.

  - serial_port: /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Intel_GENUINO_101_AE6771SQ55200HN-if00
    serial_baud_rate: 57600
      - name: my_motion
        pin_mode: INPUT
        pin: 13
      - name: analog0
        pin: A0
        pin_mode: ANALOG
      - name: analog1
        pin: A1
        pin_mode: ANALOG

So I swapped my Arduino for a different one, and then I got results. Seemed to be an compatibility issue of some sort.